Café soloSpanish coffee1.30 €
Café solo dobleSpanish coffee two in one1.80 €
CortadoThe short one1.50 €
Café con lecheCoffee with milk, Spanish version2.20 €
CarajilloCoffee with a shot1.90 €
CappuccinoCoffee with milk, Italian version3.20 €
Café americanoModerate2.00 €
TeaIn many flavors2.00 €
Drinking chocolateFor all ages2.30 €


Mineral water0.36 l, Very quiet2.50 €
Mineral water0.36 l, Bubbles along2.50 €
Coke/Fanta/Sprite0.33 l, The sweet refreshers2.80 €
Nestea0.33 l, The cool version of tea2.90 €
Tónica0.25 l, Bitter refreshment2.80 €
Bitter Lemon0.25 l, Bitter-sweet sensation2.80 €
Bitter KAS0.25 l, Red aperitif, alcohol free2.80 €
Ginger Ale0.25 l, Taste of sweetness2.80 €
Apple juice0.2 l, Fruity fresh2.50 €
Orange juice0.25 l, Freshly made from from Spanish oranges2.70 €
Peach juice0.2 l, Fruity, full aroma2.50 €
Cidre0.2 l, From the apple thief2.90 €


Caña0.25 l, Classic1.70 €
Caña large0.5 l, Classic large2.90 €
Estrella Damm/Estrella Galicia bottle0.33 l, A Spanish star in the glass2.40 €
San Miguel bottle0.33 l, The saint in a bottle1.90 €
Franziskaner Weizen0.5 l, The Bavarian difference3.80 €
Heineken 0.00.33 l, Who is driving today?2.80 €
Hop House Lager0.33 l, The Irish Craft Beer3.80 €
Shandy0.33 l, Best of both worlds2.80 €
Desperado0.33 l, For the warhorse in you4.50 €
Sol0.33 l, Mexican sun in a bottle3.80 €


Glass white0.2 l, The easy way white2.80 €
Glass rosé0,25 l, The easy way rosé2.80 €
Glass tinto0,2 l, The easy way tinto2.80 €
Vino blanco de la casa0.75 l, House brand white10.80 €
Vino rosado de la casa0.75 l, House brand rosé10.80 €
Vino tinto de la casa0.75 l, House brand tinto10.80 €
Viña Sol0.75 l, White, young, fresh15.50 €
De Casta0.75 l, Rosé, fine spicy14.50 €
Faustino Crianza0.75 l, Rioja, Tempranillo16.00 €
Sangria0,4 l, No holiday without5.50 €
Sangria1 l, One for all10.50 €
Sangria de Cava0.4 l, Claudia's creation6.50 €
Sangria de Cava1 l, Claudia's creation XL12.50 €


Glass Cava de la casa0.1 l, House brand3.00 €
Cava de la casa0.75 l, House brand13.50 €
Gran Cremant0.75 l, Blanco, Cuvée, Cordoníou15.50 €
Brut d' Argent0.75 l, Brut, Chardonnay/Pinot Noir18.00 €
Brut d' Argent Ice0.75 l, Demi, Chardonnay/Pinot Noir18.00 €
Champagner de la casa0.75 l, House brand38.00 €
Moët & Chandon0.75 l, Blanc, Cuvée81.00 €


Gin Tonic/Gin Lemon0.2 l, Classic6.50 €
Vodka Orange0.2 l, Fruity with Russian note6.50 €
Rum Coke0.2 l, Others call it 'Cuba Libre'6.50 €
Whisky Coke0.2 l, Mild note, sweet coke6.50 €
Hugo0.3 l, Elderberry's finest5.50 €
Aperol Spritz0.2 l, No comment needed5.50 €
Campari Orange0.2 l, Bitter sweet5.50 €
Martini Fiero Tonic0.2 l, Sweet tartly4.50 €
Martini Rosso/BiancoS0.1 l, Unique Italian2.80 €


Piña Colada0.3 l, Sweet dream6.50 €
Mojito0.3 l, Hemingway's favorite6.50 €
Caipirinha0.3 l, A taste of Brazil6.50 €
Sex on the beach0.3 l, Better than none6.50 €
Blue Lagoon0.3 l, Curacao feeling6.50 €
Tequila Sunrise0.2 l, Mexican morning6.50 €
Daiquirí0.2 l, The queen of coolness6.50 €
Margarita0.2 l, Salty, classic6.50 €
Coco Loco0.2 l, Caribbean Feeling6.50 €


All breakfasts served with a cup of coffee or tea, jam, honey, Nutella. Cappuccino +1.00 €

Small BreakfastG, M1 roll or croissant, butter5.80 €
Big BreakfastG, M2 rolls, ham, salami, cheese8.90 €
Breakfast FitnessG, E, M2 rolls, yogurt, fresh fruits, scrambled eggs8.80 €
Breakfast Claudia'sG, F, M2 rolls, smoked salmon, ham, cheese10.50 €
Boiled/fried/scrambled eggE, M1.30 €
Bacon1.00 €
Yogurt with fresh fruitsM3.50 €
Croissant1.50 €


German meatballG, EIn a bun with ketchup/mustard3.80 €
Crispy chickensticksG, EWith homemade dip6.20 €
BratwurstGIn a bun with ketchup/mustard3.90 €
Feta gratinéMWith bread of the house6.80 €


Mixed SaladMixed Salad6.80 €
Mixed SaladMWith feta, bread, homemade dressing7.80 €
Mixed SaladFWith tuna, bread, homemade dressing7.90 €
Mixed saladG, EWith crispy chicken9.50 €
Mixed saladFWith smoked salmon9.90 €


Spagetti BologneseG, HTi piace?7.80 €
Calamares a la romanaG, F, EBreaded Calamari Rings12.50 €
Spicy prawnsKWith chips or fried potatoes14.80 €
Fish of the dayFWith chips or fried potatoesPrice on request
Schnitzel Vienna styleG, EWith side dish12.50 €
Cordon BleuG, E, MWith side dish13.50 €
Chicken (half)With chips9.50 €
Sausage CurrywurstWith chips6.50 €
Sausage BratwurstWith side dish5.50 €
Sausage BockwurstWith side dish4.80 €


Chicken fingersG, EWith chips4.90 €
Fish fingersG, E, FWith chips4.90 €
Spaghetti BologneseG, HFor the smaller Italians4.90 €


Mixed salad3.50 €
Chips2.60 €
Fried potatoesE M3.50 €


2 half sandwich bread rollsG, MWith cheese, salat, tomato, cucumber4.90 €
2 half sandwich bread rollsGWith ham, salat, tomato, cucumber4.80 €
2 half sandwich bread rollsGWith turkey breast, salat, tomato, cucumber5.20 €
2 half sandwich bread rollsGWith salami, salat, tomato, cucumber5.20 €
2 half sandwich bread rollsGSerrano ham, salat, tomato, cucumber5.80 €
2 half sandwich bread rollsG, FWith tuna, salat, tomato, cucumber5.80 €
2 half sandwich bread rollsG, FWith smoked salmon, salat, tomato, cucumber6.20 €


Tapas plateG K E F MFor one person12.50 €
Tapas plateG K E F MFor two persons24.00 €
Dates with baconsweet and hearty snack4.20 €
Calamares a la RomanaWith bread and homemade dip4.80 €
CroquettesG E MHomemade, of course4.20 €
Oliven und AioliWith bread of the house2.80 €
Fried gambasG KWith bread of the house5.80 €
Patatas BravasE MWith homemade dip2.80 €
JalapeñosG MStuffed with cheese cream4.80 €
Pimientos de PadrónRoasted Padrón Pepper4.80 €
Boquerones FritosF SFried anchovies6.90 €


HamburgerG180 grams of beef6.70 €
VeggieburgerGSalat, tomato, onion, gherkin6.80 €
ChickenburgerG, EChicken patty breaded6.70 €
Angus-BurgerG200 grams of beef Angus11.50 €


Bacon 0.50 €
Fried eggE1.00 €
Jalapeños 0.30 €
CheeseM 2 slices1.00 €


I bake different types of cakes every day. Get inspired by the daily offer in the cake cabinet at the counter.

List of specified ingredients

Milk and Lactose
E  Egg
S  Sulfurdioxide and nitrogen oxides
F  Fish

K  Crustaceans
H  Celery

G  Gluten-containing cereals